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P!NK: SUMMER CARNIVAL 2024 | Sunday 14 July 2024 - King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels

P!NK will return to the United Kingdom and Europe in 2024 with her spectacular Summer Carnival World Tour. Last summer, over 1 million fans enjoyed this tour. On Sunday, July 14, P!NK will be performing at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. It will be her very first stadium show in Belgium. In June, P!NK was the headliner of a sold-out Werchter Boutique festival. P!NK enchanted the audience with numerous hits, visual spectacle, breathtaking aerial acrobatics, and confirmed her status as one of the best live performers of all time. The truly impressive show received rave reviews. P!NK will be accompanied by special guests The Script, GAYLE, and KidCutup on the Summer Carnival Tour 2024.


16.30 | Doors open
18.00 – 18.45 | KidCutUp
18.45 – 19.15 | GAYLE
19.35 – 20.25 | The Script
20.55 – 23.00 | P!NK

*These timings are preliminary and can change at any time.

Your ticket(s) is/are available in the Ticketmaster app/website.
Please download your ticket(s) in advance and save them on your mobile device. Don’t forget to bring your proof of identification. 

P!NK’s “Summer Carnival Tour 2024” will descend at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels on Sunday the 14th of July. In preparation, we would like to let you know about the mobility plan drawn up specially for this concert to provide everyone with a smooth and environmentally friendly journey to and from the venue. It will definitely be busy at the Heysel exhibition park. It is recommended not to travel to the King Baudouin Stadium by car, to avoid heavy traffic and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Extra provisions will be made for public transport, with NMBS/SNCB providing special night trains after the concert. The P!NK Night Train Ticket is priced at only 12 euros. MIVB/STIB will also increase its capacity for the event, all included in your Event Pass. Concert buses via Keolis will be provided for prices starting at 26 euros for a return trip to various cities. We will also provide 2 secure bicycle storage facilities at the stadium. We strongly advise against parking at the Heysel exhibition park. Parking tickets are limited in number and cost up to 25 euros

We kindly ask you not to bring unnecessary items with you. Leave bags and backpacks at home if possible. Bags and backpacks will be thoroughly checked. May we ask for your cooperation by keeping your mobile ticket ready, opening your bag or backpack and showing its contents when asked by our crew? You'll also need to pass through a metal detector gate before entering the stadium. Please watch the below video so you know what to expect at the access control:

Clear guidelines have been drawn up concerning the items that are/aren't allowed inside the King Baudouin Stadium. An overview of those items can be found here. Everything will be put in place to make the checks go as smoothly as possible, so you can enjoy an exceptional concert evening. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and your willing cooperation.

Find your spot in the stadium

Follow the sign ‘tribune’ or ‘veld’ and the corresponding colour!

The standing pitch (GREY) is only accessible via tribune 1 (RED). Use the entrance at the Sportslaan for ‘Standing Floor A & Golden Circle A – Entry Sportslaan / Avenue des Sports’. Proceed to the entrance at Marathonlaan (intersection with Boechoutlaan) for ‘Standing  Floor B & Golden Circle B – Entry Marathonlaan / Avenue de Marathon’. Your entrance is listed in the top right corner of your ticket.

If you have a seat in the stands, please follow the colour indicated on your ticket. Proceed to the block, row and seat stated on your ticket.

Follow the indicated signs to your place.

Important! Keep your mobile ticket on hand at all times!

Good agreements make good friends. Here are some important guidelines.

By entering the stadium, you give your explicit consent to be included in any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording for use in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world. This also applies to recordings by the police or security in the context of safety.

Upon entering the stadium, you agree to the concert’s conditions of sale.

Conditions of entry to the King Baudouin Stadium:

  • By entering the stadium you consent to a scan and search of your bag or rucksack. You may be refused entry if you refuse to allow a scan or search.
  • The organiser and/or official ticket distributor reserve the right to verify the identity of a ticket holder.
  • These items are not allowed into the stadium: weapons, knives, sharp objects or other objects which the organization considers dangerous, drugs, explosives, fireworks, glass, cans, cartons, plastic bottles or cups, sprays (deodorants, perfumes), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, pennants, flags, banners, signs, camel bags/water backpacks, large backpacks (>45 cm height >30l volume), travel bags, sports bags, tripods and selfie sticks, drones, professional photography, film or recording equipment, tablets, aluminium drinking bottles/drinking cups/mess tins, horns and other items capable of making a loud noise, lasers, flashlights, blankets, pillows, footrests, (folding) chairs, umbrellas, baskets, cool boxes, (motor)cycles, skateboards, skates, smartphone flashes, flowers, fluffy toys, Frisbees, inflatable objects such as beach balls and balloons. These items are not permitted and may be confiscated by the security personnel. Items may be added to this list at any time.
  • These items are allowed into the stadium: non-drinkable liquids and gels in amounts up to 100 ml (with a total maximum of 1 litre), transparent and empty reusable plastic drinking bottles, small and non-professional cameras, mobile phones and smartphones, sunglasses, hats, medicines: if you are carrying medication on prescription, please present the doctor's certificate.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own food to the stadium. This is only allowed in the waiting areas to the standing floor. Glass is not allowed. For safety reasons, it is not allowed either to bring drinkable liquids. Refillable bottles - only plastic, no metal or glass and completely empty - are allowed inside. The organization provides water taps with free drinking water.
  • We advise not to bring gifts for the artist.
  • It is forbidden to sell illegal merchandise inside or outside the stadium. Official tour merchandise is sold inside the stadium only.
  • It is forbidden to hand out flyers or sample products in or around the stadium.
  • Camping is strictly prohibited.

This concert is a cashless event. You will receive a unique cashless card at the top-up stations onto which you can deposit money. You can also use the Payconiq by Bancontact app to add funds to your card quickly and easily. Scan the QR code on the card, enter an amount and head for the food and drink stands.

When you order a drink at the bar, you’ll be charged a maximum of 2 euros deposit for your reusable cup or 0.20 euros for your PET bottle. When you return these to one of the collection points once you’ve finished, the deposit will be refunded to your cashless card. In this way, we all contribute towards making this a concert with the smallest possible amount of waste. 

Important: After July 14, 2024, you can reclaim any funds left on your cashless card through this link. A service fee of 1.50 euros will be charged for this. The period within which you can request a repayment runs until August 14, 2024. You will not be able to ask for a repayment after this date. Repayment can take a number of weeks to process.  

There are lockers available at the bicycle parking lot on Houba de Strooperlaan. These are available for 8 euros.

Live Nation will provide reusable cups, water refill stations and mobility incentives. To do your part, please consider our mobility action plan for your transportation to and from the show.

People with a disability who wish to use the wheelchair platform during P!NK’s concert on Sunday 14 July 2024 at the King Baudouin Stadium need to buy SPECIAL TICKETS. You can order these tickets by filling in this online form

The tickets for the wheelchair platform cost 112,30 euros (including service charges, mobility and environmental contribution) and only a limited number of tickets are available. You can only make a reservation if you send us a copy of your European blue parking card or another official document which states that you have a disability.

The platform is not only intended for wheelchair users. Also people who have difficulties with walking or standing - due to disability or illness - people with restricted growth or short stature, people with visual impairments, ... can buy special tickets. 

The seats in tribunes 2, 3 and 4 are only accessible by steps. It is not possible to use the alternative entrance for these seats. There are no elevators or adapted toilets in the stands. And no reserved parking close by. If you do need accessible facilities, it is best to buy specific tickets for the platform for people with disabilities or standing floor tickets.  

IMPORTANT! You can buy a maximum of 2 tickets per person for the wheelchair platform: for yourself and for your companion. The tickets must be registered under the name of the person with a disability, not the name of the companion! 

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of tickets, please contact Ticketmaster by filling in this form.

If you have any further questions regarding the facilities for people with a disability, please contact

The entered data will only be used for the purchase of this ticket and entered into the internal database of Inter. Inter will under no circumstances transmit personal information to third parties. If you want to check or delete your data, please send an e-mail to

There are different types of tickets: Regular tickets (standing/seated), Packages and Platinum tickets. Ticket prices include service fees, environmental and mobility contribution.

Regular tickets:

There are multiple price categories for regular tickets:

  • €96,10 seats
  • €112,30 seats
  • €144,70 seats
  • €182,50 seats

  • €112,30 standing floor
  • €182,50 golden circle standing floor

  • €112,30 seats (disability platform)

  • €74,50 seats (limited/obstructed view)
  • €96,10 seats (limited/obstructed view)
  • €112,30 seats (limited/obstructed view)
  • €144,70 seats (obstructed view)

Platinum tickets:

Platinum Tickets give fans the opportunity to purchase the most in demand tickets to an event, at a market-driven price. A number of the tickets is set aside for this purpose by the artist or promoter. These tickets provide the fans guaranteed access to the areas that are most in demand at the time of purchasing. Platinum Tickets are offered for sale via Ticketmaster and are authentic, original tickets. Extras such as hospitality or merchandise are not included in the price of a Platinum Ticket. More information on Platinum tickets here.

Early Entry Ticket package 

  • One standing ticket in the Golden Circle
  • Priority early entry before the general public to secure positions by the stage
  • Collectible tour laminate and lanyard (not available for general sale)
  • VIP merchandise pack specially designed for VIP package purchasers only
  • Collectible commemorative ticket (not available for general sale)

Hot Seat package 

  • One top priced reserved seated ticket
  • Collectible tour laminate and lanyard (not available for general sale)
  • VIP merchandise pack specially designed for VIP package purchasers only
  • Collectible commemorative ticket (not available for general sale)

Ticket & Hotel package 

  • One top priced reserved seated ticket
  • One night hotel accommodation close to the venue plus complimentary breakfast
  • Additional nights available upon request
  • Collectible commemorative ticket (not available for general sale)

Lost something? Please contact after the concert.

How to get there?

After the concert, NMBS/SNCB will provide special night trains. You can purchase a P!NK Night Train Ticket from Wednesday 19 June at 10 AM for only 12 euros, regardless of the distance travelled. This ticket can only be purchased online via This return ticket is valid for a 2nd class journey to Brussels Zuid/Midi station (outward journey on a regular train from any Belgian station, return journey on a special night train). Take metro 6 to Bruxelles-Midi station after the concert.

After the concert, NMBS/SNCB will provide the following special night trains:

Bruxelles-Midi - Gent-Sint-Pieters - Aalter - Brugge - Oostende

Bruxelles-Midi - Aalst - Wetteren - Deinze - Waregem - Kortrijk - Izegem - Roeselare 

Bruxelles-Midi - Mechelen - Sint-Katelijne-Waver - Duffel - Antwerpen-Berchem - Antwerpen-Centraal

The timetable for these trains can only be found on 

Only passengers with the corresponding P!NK Night Train Ticket will be allowed on board these special night trains. Your purchase is valid as a reservation. The number of P!NK Night Train Tickets for each special night train is limited, so don’t wait too long to book yours! 

Tip: With the barcode on your P!NK Night Train Ticket you can park for free for 24 hours in the NMBS/SNCB car parks served by the night train.

An Event Pass for a round trip to and from the King Baudouin Stadium with MIVB/STIB tram, bus or metro services in Brussels is included in your concert ticket.

 You will find the code(s) on your e-ticket, which you will be able to download a few days before the concert via ‘My Account’ on Please note: The MIVB/STIB code will not be available on the Ticketmaster app, so if you want to use the MIVB/STIB code, use the one on your e-ticket or in the mobility mailing.

You will be able to collect your Event Pass from 3 days before the concert at the vending machines in MIVB/STIB stations or at major tram and bus stops. More information is available here. Once you have collected your Event Pass, you will have free access to the MIVB/STIB network on the day of the concert. The ticket is valid for 24 hours for a round trip to the stadium.

The King Baudouin Stadium is within walking distance of the metro stations Houba-Brugmann and Heizel/Heysel (line 6). The metro, bus and tram networks will run on increased capacity before and after the concert. If you have a ticket for the Standing Pitch or Grandstand 2 we recommend getting off at Houba-Brugmann. If you have a ticket for Grandstand 3 or 4 then we recommend getting off at Heizel/Heysel. Please note: the King Baudouin metro station will be closed after the concert for safety reasons. It is therefore better to alight at the Houba-Brugmann or Heizel/Heysel stops for the return journey.

Trams and buses operated by both De Lijn and MIVB/STIB also stop near the King Baudouin Stadium. The stops Heizel/Heysel (tram 7 and 62), Stadion/Stade (trams 9, 51 and 93), Sint-Lambertus/Saint-Lambert (tram 19), Koning Boudewijn (De Lijn buses 241, 242, 243, 250, 251 and 260), Brussels Expo (De Lijn bus 820), Esplanade (tram 3) and Brussel Panorama (MIVB/STIB bus 83) are within walking distance.

Tip: Plan your journey in advance using the NMBS & MIVB/STIB route planners.

The King Baudouin Stadium is easy to reach by bike. A number of municipalities are within cycling distance. We have mapped out the area for you. There will be 2 free, secure bike parking facilities near the entrance:

Lockers and charging points for electric bicycles are available at the bike parking on Houba de Strooperlaan.

The first 1000 cyclists to arrive will be rewarded with a small gift!

Also handy: you can use the Villo shared bicycles in Brussels. A day pass costs 1,5 euros. There are four Villo stations around the King Baudouin Stadium: Heizel/Heysel, Atomium, Stadion/Stade and Houba-Brugmann. You can find more information about Villo here.

Do you live too far away to come by bike? Then Park & Bike might be a good option. Take a bike with you in your car, park the car just outside Brussels and then cycle to the King Baudouin Stadium. Parking is available at:

Travel smart! Come by P!NK bus, enjoy a drink on board (not included in the price) and take a safe ride home. The bus will drop you off at Brussels Expo Parking C, near the entrance to the King Baudouin Stadium. 1 hour after the concert you will be picked up again at the same location and taken back to your place of departure. Bus tickets are available from no fewer than 54 cities starting at 26 euros (round trip). Bus tickets are available via this link.

Important! Be sure to arrive at your pickup point 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Coaches are scheduled to arrive in Brussels at 4 PM. For fans who have purchased the Early Entry Ticket Package, we recommend other transport.

Return journey: Buses will leave 1 hour after the concert at Parking C, where a closed area will be reserved for concert buses. Buses will have a separate exit from the parking lot.

Are you arranging a bus yourself? You can reserve a parking space for your bus for 48 euros through this link.

We strongly advise against traveling to the King Baudouin Stadium by car, but if you do, you will have to take a few things into account:

A limited number of presale parking spaces will be made available at Parking C and E car park. Only those in possession of a parking ticket will be granted access to these car parks. A parking ticket costs 15 or 25 euros and can be purchased from Wednesday 19 June at 10 AM via this link. Your reservation is valid for only 1 parking space.

A parking ban is in effect at the Heysel exhibition park. The traffic police will be keeping an eye out for violations. No parking spaces will be available outside the official car parks.

Due to the large crowds at the Heysel exhibition park, expect delays. Be sure to leave on time. Exits and roads can be closed at any time.

No need to stress about a long journey on the day of the concert. Stay the night in Brussels after the concert. Thanks to, you can turn it into an unforgettable city trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your ticket(s) is/are available in the Ticketmaster app/website.
Please download your ticket(s) in advance and save them on your mobile device. Don’t forget to bring your proof of identification. 

Does the name on your ticket not match with your own name? Don’t worry too much about this! If the ticket was purchased via the official channels, it’s valid. 

In case you purchased a package, please note that you will need to bring a photo ID on show day to collect the contents of your package.

However, don’t buy your tickets via auction websites or second hand ticket websites. Tickets that are offered for an exuberant amount of money, will be blacklisted and made invalid, which means they don’t grant you access to the concert. Have you bought a ticket through one of these websites? First of all, try getting in touch with this website. Sometimes, you'll be refunded the price difference. If not, consider legal action in civil court. Always report the resale to the Economic Inspectorate via

There is no minimum age. Anyone in possession of a valid concert ticket is welcome. However, a concert is not an ideal environment for young children. 

For children under 12, it is recommended to purchase a seated ticket.

Children under 16 who prefer standing tickets must be accompanied by an adult in possession of a valid ticket in the same price category.

The Script, GAYLE and producer KidCutup will be the supporting acts for P!NK.