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Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band | 2 July 2024, Werchter Park

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band | 2 July 2024, Werchter Park

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band return to Belgium! They will perform at the Festivalpark in Werchter on Tuesday 2 July 2024, as part of their 2024 World Tour. 

Practical info

The Festivalpark opens at 15h. Feel free to come in the afternoon to enjoy a drink or a snack. The drink and food stands will also remain open for a while after the show. 

  • 17h15 – 18h00: Black Box Revelation  
  • 18h30 – 19h15: Seasick Steve 
  • From 20h00: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band 

The concert of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band is sold out.

Front Field tickets

The Front Field standing ticket gives you guaranteed access to the area right in front of the stage during the performance of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. 

Ticketmaster Resale

Visitors who wish to sell their tickets for any reason can offer them for resale on Ticketmaster Resale, a safe and official resale channel. You can find more details about how to offer your tickets for resale here. Are you looking for a ticket? You can check whether any tickets are currently listed on Resale via this link. Availability may change. Please check the page regularly for updates.

Be cautious regarding resale 

Don't blindly order your tickets through the first website that pops up on your search engine. Chances are you are visiting an auctioning website or a ticket reseller. Not only will tickets offered through these websites be more expensive; you also risk being denied access to the concert. Have you bought a ticket through one of these websites? First, try getting in touch with the website. Sometimes, you'll be refunded the price difference. If not, consider legal action in civil court. Always report the resale to the Economic Inspectorate via Read more via FOD Economie.

First Aid for ticket problems 

The employees of our ticketing partner, Ticketmaster, are at your service online. You can find answers to the most common ticket-related questions at the Ticketmaster FAQ 

How to get there?

We've provided plenty of carefree and comfortable car alternatives. Avoid any traffic jams to Werchter and choose one of these options. 
️ Are you coming by car? Buy your parking ticket in advance from Ticketmaster and guarantee your place in one of the car parks around the Festivalpark. Without a parking ticket, you won't be able to get near the festival grounds with your car or motorcycle. Please prepare your visit to the Festivalpark thoroughly. 

The healthiest and most environmentally friendly method of traveling to the festival is by bicycle!  Various cycling routes take you to the festival, from the directions of Leuven, Mechelen, Heist-op-den-Berg, and Aarschot.

Near the festival, you can store your bike free of charge in one of our three permanently supervised bicycle parks.

Click on the bicycle parking above to easily cycle towards your destination.

The bicycle parking areas are permanently staffed. We also provide a basic package with repair materials for bicycles in the bicycle parking areas. For a small fee, flat tires or broken brake cables will be repaired.

Tip: Is your journey too long to cycle directly to the Festivalpark? Then look at the Park+Bike section. 

By bus 

You can travel to the Festivalpark for free using the shuttle bus from the stations of Aarschot and Leuven. The buses run continuously between the stations and the stops at the Festivalpark from 12h00 (noon) until 02h00. It's possible that you may have to wait to board the bus during busy times. 

By train

A smooth journey there & back? Take the train! After the festival, NMBS operates special night trains from both Aarschot and Leuven. These night trains are only accessible with the Bruce Springsteen e-train ticket. 

  • Aarschot – Heist-Op-Den-berg – Lier – Kontich-Lint – Antwerpen-Berchem – Antwerpen-Centraal 
  • Aarschot – Mechelen – Puurs – Bornem – Temse – Sint-Niklaas – Lokeren  
  • Leuven – Brussel-Noord – Brussel-Centraal – Brussel-Zuid – Gent – Aalter – Brugge 
  • Leuven – Dendermonde – Wetteren – Merelbeke – Deinze – Waregem – Harelbeke – Kortrijk – Izegem – Roeselare 
  • Leuven – Tienen – Landen – Sint-Truiden – Hasselt – Genk 

The special Bruce Springsteen e-train ticket costs 19 euros for a round trip. The ticket includes: 

  • Outward journey on a train of your choice to the station of Aarschot or Leuven (2nd class). 
  • Round-trip journey on the shuttlebus between the station of Aarschot or Leuven and the Festival Park in Werchter. 
  • Return journey on the special night train of your choice. 
  • 24 hours of free parking (on July 2nd from 08h00 to 20h00 the following day) at NMBS-parking lots in Gent-Sint-Pieters, Brugge, Deinze, Waregem, Kortrijk, Roeselare, Antwerpen-Centraal, Mechelen, Sint-Niklaas, Tienen, Landen, Sint-Truiden, Hasselt, and Genk. 

Tickets for the trains are exclusively available via starting from June 5th. The number of seats is limited per night train. So, be quick! All information and conditions are available at

Event Shuttle provides a hassle-free round trip to the concert. The boarding points are scattered throughout the country.

A round trip starts from 25 euros per traveler. The price depends on the distance to the Festivalpark. You can reserve your spot or find the nearest boarding point via this link. The Event Shuttles arrive at the Event Shuttle stop in Werchter at 16h30. Departure is scheduled 1 hour after the end of the show.

If you're coming with your friends and arranging your own bus to Werchter, you can reserve a parking spot at the bus parking via this link. 

The Kiss & Ride parkings are located at the train stations of Leuven and Aarschot. You can park for free for 30 minutes.

  • P1 Leuven
  • P2 Aarschot  

You can travel back and forth to Werchter safely and for free using De Lijn’s shuttle bus service.

️ There is no Kiss & Ride in the vicinity of the festival. The ban on parking and waiting in Werchter is strictly enforced. Bear in mind that the police will take action and are able to issue fines of 160 euros. Please use the Kiss & Ride parkings in Leuven and Aarschot. 

You would like to cycle to Werchter, but the distance is a bit too much? Choose Park+Bike!  

Bring your own bike and park it at one of the locations below, within a maximum of 15 minutes cycling distance from the bicycle parking.

  • If you're coming from Ghent, Brussels, or Leuven, choose P+B BLAUW. 
  • If you're coming from Mechelen or Antwerp, choose P+B GROEN. 
  • If you're coming from Aarschot, Limburg, or the Netherlands, choose P+B ROZE.

The free Park+Bike parking lots are only accessible to those who bring their own bicycles. 

Please buy your parking ticket in advance from Ticketmaster to guarantee your place in one of the car parks around the Festivalpark. Parking tickets will be available from 31 May.

Take into account possible delays during the outbound and return journey. The concert takes place on a weekday, and rush hour is always busy. Several streets around the Festivalpark are closed, and there is a parking ban in effect.

There are several car parks spread across 3 zones in the vicinity of the Festivalpark. 

  • BLAUW ZONE : the most suitable zone from the E19 coming from Ghent, Brussels & Antwerp 
  • ROZE ZONE : the most suitable zone from the E314 coming from Brussels, Leuven or France 
  • GROEN ZONE : the most suitable zone from the E314 coming from Lummen or the Netherlands

️ To access a parking lot, you must purchase a parking ticket online in advance (25 euros). You can choose the parking lot where you want to park. An overview of all parking lots can be found via this link. Without purchasing a parking ticket online in advance, you will not have access to the parking lots. So, don't wait too long to order a ticket for your preferred parking lot.

️ Please use the QR-code on your parking ticket to navigate to the parking lot. The route guidance via the QR-code takes into account real-time traffic measures in place during the festival.

Do you want to park for free or at a lower cost?

  • Use an NMBS-parking where the night train stops. Your parking ticket is included in the Bruce Springsteen night train ticket (see public transport). 
  • Bring your bike and park for free at a Park+Bike parking in any zone. 
  • Get dropped off and picked up at the station of Aarschot or Leuven and use the free shuttle bus. Dropping off/picking up near the festival entrance is strictly prohibited. 
  • Carpool with friends to limit the cost per person. 

Belgium is easily accessible by plane. From Brussels Airport (BRU), there are direct trains to Leuven. Leuven is also easily accessible by train from Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL).

For more and

In the Festivalpark

At the bars and food stands, you'll find a delightful array of options. From beer and soft drinks to cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, there's something for everyone. Whether you're craving snacks, healthy food, or vegetarian and gluten-free options, we've got you covered. You can pay cashless at the drink and food stands using Coins. Every food stand has its own allergies chart. Free drinking water is always available in the Festivalpark. There are drinking water taps at all sanitary facilities. 

In the Festivalpark we pay for food and drinks with Coins. You will be given an (unloaded) payment card at the entrance. You can load this with Coins which you can use to pay in the Festivalpark. You can load Coins onto your card at the top-up booths or by scanning a QR-code with a smartphone. Each Coin costs 3.50 euros. Read more on Cashless and Coins on

Thank you for helping keep the Festivalpark clean. There are more bins than ever, so please dispose of trash in the appropriate bins promptly. Return empty reusable cups to the designated return/recycle stand to receive your deposit (0.3 Coin) back on your cashless card.

If you hand in 15 RPET cans or RPET bottles to a recycle/return stand, you will receive a free Coin in exchange. 

Official merchandise from Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band is available at the Festivalpark. At the merchandise stands, you can pay with your debit/credit card.

There is an information booth at the main entrance. On the day of the concert, our staff is also available via WhatsApp on +32 (0)474 94 42 19.

In collaboration with Inter, Live Nation puts in a great effort to make the concert accessible to the disabled. So we have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the concert site and its surroundings:

  • There is an alternative, accessible and less crowded entrance for people with a disability. One person is allowed to accompany him/her through this entrance.
  • Near the Main Stage, we provide a viewing platform for wheelchair users, people with crutches... with a grandstand view of the performing artists. Specific tickets are required for people using the platform near the Main Stage.
  • Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the concert site.
  • Specific parking spaces are provided. To use the ADD parking, you'll need to purchase a parking ticket in advance. It's no longer possible to pay the amount in cash on the spot. Capacity is limited - please request your reserved parking space in advance through the form below. Inter will keep you posted on the next steps.
  • If you wish to bring a folding chair because of your disability or another health issue, you'll also need a pass to bring this. Please ask Inter for this pass in advance.
  • During the concert, you can always call on ADD staff for assistance, free of charge. This may include: toilet, moving and eating assistance, etc. Do not hesitate to talk to an ADD assistant, whenever you require assistance. You can find them on the concert site (at the viewing platforms).
  • For people with hearing aids, we are once again setting up audio frequency induction loops. By switching your hearing aid to the “T” position, you will enjoy much better sound quality and much less ambient noise. Close to the wheelchair platform, we provide an audio frequency induction loop. For more information, turn to the licensed carers who are offering assistance at the wheelchair stage.
  • Pets are not allowed in, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.

Please make your request for all necessary facilities before 14 June 2024, through this form.

Get in touch with Inter on for additional questions.

First Aid 

The Red Cross are ready to deal with problems large or small in the Festivalpark! The First Aid posts are clearly signposted. The Leuven MUG team is also present.

We Care A Lot 

We want our festivals and concerts to be a safe place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. A place where no one is exposed to discrimination, criticism or intimidation. Everyone must be able to be themselves. Everyone is welcome in the Festivalpark regardless of sex, gender, orientation, culture, religion, ethnicity or disability. We are committed to making attendance at our festivals and concerts healthy and safe for everyone.

Our employees have been briefed so that they are even more alert and can respond appropriately where required. We are assisted by specialists in various areas, and concertgoers can speak to someone in confidence if they wish. The We Care A Lot hotline is staffed 24/7 during the concert. Send a WhatsApp message to +32 (0)478 51 15 79 for direct access to rapid help.

Think of your ears 

Free earplugs are available at our info booth.

Have fun but drink responsibly

Practice “zebra drinking”: alternate an alcoholic drink with water (or other non-alcoholic drinks). 

Alcoholic beverages may not be served, offered, or sold to individuals under the age of 16. This is stipulated by the law and is respected in Werchter. If you are older than 16, know that you may not buy alcoholic drinks for or offer them to individuals under 16. For drinks containing more than 1.2% distilled alcohol (e.g., cocktails, gin and tonic, etc.), the limit is 18 years.

Are you traveling by car or motorcycle? If you drink, you don't drive. Carpooling with friends? Decide in advance who will be the designated driver.

Stay tuned

On the street, at the entrance and inside the Festivalpark, LED screens continuously display practical information. Keep an eye on these screens to stay up to date with important announcements. 

In the Festivalpark, hundreds of vacuum toilets – with porcelain bowls – and urinals are available at the various sanitary facilities. The toilets are free to use.

If you want to lock your personal items away safely, you can use our lockers. The lockers are located just outside the main entrance.

Lockers can be reserved online via this page. More info here.

Our first priority is the safety of concertgoers, artists and crew, workers and local residents. We maintain a strict safety policy. In the lead-up to festivals and other events in Werchter, we regularly meet with local and federal police and local and provincial authorities. A whole set of measures apply. More information and a list of prohibited items can be found HERE.

Other important points:

  • Lighting fires is strictly prohibited in the Festivalpark.
  • By entering the Festivalpark you give express consent to the possibility of being included in any film, photographic, audio or audio-visual recording of any kind, and that this may be used in any media for any purpose at any time and place. This includes video recordings by police or security which may be used for the purpose of consumer safety or combating crime.
  • By entering the site you agree to the concert's terms and conditions of sale 
  • Pets are not permitted. However, an exception is made for assistance dogs (and assistance dogs in training) for people with disabilities.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can request a refund from Thursday 11 July 2024 at 11h00 until Thursday 25 July 2023 at 23h59. After this period has elapsed, no refunds will be processed. Refunds are issued within a month of request. An administrative fee of 1 Coin is charged for refunds. You must register in order to request a refund. (*) Only purchased Coins are refundable, please refer to the conditions of sale. 

Lost your keys, wallet, phone? Any lost items are stored at the info booth. Have you found something yourself? Take it to the info booth. 

Our Lost & Found service is available until Wednesday 10 July via On Monday 15 July, any unclaimed items will be passed on to  the Municipality of Rotselaar, available via

Small simple devices without a detachable lens and smartphones are allowed. It is not permitted to use the video and/or audio recordings for anything other than private use. Video cameras are strictly prohibited at all times due to the artists' rights. 

Expect thorough safety checks before entering the Festivalpark. An overview of prohibited items can be found here. 

Yes, folding chairs with a maximum height of 50cm are allowed in the Festivalpark. (Example)

Together with midwife Hanne, we are making an extra effort to offer breastfeeding mothers some more comfort in the Festivalpark. If you are breastfeeding and would like to pump your milk on the festival site, you can do so in a special tent. The Milk Factory is located near North West Walls.

In The Milk Factory tent you'll find all the necessary facilities to pump discreetly, to clean your pump afterwards and to safely store your material in a locker. The pumped milk can be stored in the fridge of the pump bar until the end of the festival day. Bring your own: pump, bags, bottles, etc.